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Alexey Chepa commented on Kiev’s decision to declare illegal Russia’s passports in Donbas

The decision of the Ukrainian government not to recognize passports issued by Russia in the Donbass is intended to complicate the issuance of documents to people, but this will not work, said Aleksei Chepa, deputy chairman of the Duma committee on international affairs.

Earlier, on May 8, the Ukrainian government ordered to invalidate all passports issued by Russia in the Donbass, the Ukrainian News agency reports, citing the Donbass Minister for Kiev Donbas Territories Vadim Chernysh.

The decision of the Ukrainian authorities will not technically work in terms of movements across the Ukrainian border, because people will continue to travel on Ukrainian passports, MP Chep told Izvestia.

“It’s more like an action aimed at laying people in doubt that they will be able to use these passports in Russia and Ukraine. But people can have two passports, as many have an Israeli passport and a Russian one. They enter Israel by Israel, and Russia by Russia. There are a huge number of such people, the same will be here, ”said the parliamentarian.

In turn, Groysman said that Kiev will turn to other countries with a request not to recognize Russian passports issued to residents of Donbass. According to Alexei Chepa, foreign powers are unlikely to heed this appeal.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Irina Freese, wrote on her Facebook page that Ukrainians who received Russian passports in the Rostov region may be deprived of pensions and social benefits.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 24 signed a decree on the simplified receipt of Russian passports by residents of certain areas of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine (LPR and DPR). The document came into force on the day of its official publication. According to the head of state, this issue is purely humanitarian in nature and Moscow has no desire to create problems for Kiev, however, the situation with civil rights in the Donbass goes all the way.

The newly elected president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, promised to respond to this step of Moscow “creatively, quickly and intelligently.” The current head of state, Petro Poroshenko, assured that the Ukrainian passport is ahead of Russia in terms of travel opportunities around the world.

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