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Alexey Chepa: Google and Facebook must be punished for interfering in the Russian elections

Western media corporations conducted a large-scale campaign to intervene in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation during the election campaign in the Moscow City Duma. The consequences of such interference in the form of illegal rallies require a legislative reaction to the issue of upholding the sovereignty of the state.

Until the summer of this year, foreign media giants sinned by interfering in the affairs of the Russian Federation, however, they tried to do this modestly and unnoticed. But during the election campaign, Western media decided to act decisively. As a result, past rallies became the clearest example of misinformation of the population.

Leaders of the so-called “opposition” actively collaborated with pro-Western media such as the German publication Deutsche Welle, BBC and Euronews, sponsored by the US Department of State, Radio Liberty and the Rain affiliate with Washington. “Oppositionists” literally posed in order to show the West a vivid picture of the “bloody regime.”

The Western media, in turn, did not skimp on catchy headlines about “police atrocities,” “peaceful demonstrations,” forgetting that provocateurs rioted, smashed cars, threw smoke bombs, and in every way endangered the lives of Muscovites. In addition, criminals and law breakers encroaching on the safety of fellow citizens were actively supported by Google, Facebook and Twitter. Resources were actively used for propaganda by blogger Alexei Navalny, American diplomat Michael McFaul and fugitive oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The deputy chairman of the committee on international affairs, State Duma deputy from the party “Fair Russia” Alexei Chepa believes that Russia must protect itself from any attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the country. Companies, media, Internet giants that destroy and undermine the welfare of the country should be held accountable, including criminal.

Chepa noted that in many countries the legislation refers to such violations of sovereignty much more severely than in Russia. Therefore, it is important to take measures to protect the country from external interference.

“Yes, an appropriate article is required. Safety must be guaranteed either by current or newly adopted law. We must reinforce concrete protection of our sovereignty and our rights, ”the parliamentarian said in a comment to PolitExpert.

The deputy added that at the moment it is necessary to carefully study and find gaps in the legislation, to ensure the correct operation of existing standards, and then introduce new ones.

Earlier, a commission was created in the State Duma that studies the facts of interference by foreign states in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation. The commission demanded explanations from corporations that were engaged in propaganda, but in response received only unsubscribes. Then the Investigative Committee intervened in the matter, he called for interrogation of the CEO of Dozhd, Natalya Sindeeva, on the June 27 riots case.

With the election approaching, the situation became even more tense. On the day of silence before the election, Facebook and Google distributed political ads in support of certain candidates on the Web, which is a direct interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation and a violation of the electoral process. At Google, this was explained by the fact that they allegedly distributed only “responsible political advertising”, but, unfortunately, they did not explain what is meant by this term in the corporation. Facebook completely shifted responsibility to advertising customers.

The Commission continues to work to identify interference in the affairs of the Russian Federation, however, the results of the audit will be published only after a detailed investigation. Nevertheless, what is happening demonstrates the obvious need to tighten laws to prevent the spread of fakes.

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