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Alexey Chepa: “Such a distortion of historical truth will lead to very serious consequences in Latvia”

In Latvia, it was proposed to ban veterans to wear on May 9 the uniform of the Red Army. The Seimas Commission on Human Rights and Public Affairs supported amendments to the law on assemblies, processions and pickets, according to which it is forbidden to wear clothes with symbols of the Red Army at public events. The author of ambiguous amendments was made by the deputy from the National Association Edvins Shnore.

So, for violating the ban on wearing the uniform of the armed forces and the internal affairs bodies of the USSR or Nazi Germany, it is proposed to fine individuals up to 140 euros, and legal entities up to 1,420 euros.

“People need to understand that wearing Nazi or Soviet uniforms at public events in our state is unacceptable,” said the head of the commission Artuss Kaiminsh after the meeting.

If the initiative is approved, it will hit primarily the veterans, who each in May 9 in military uniform come to the Monument to the Liberators in Riga to honor the memory of those killed in World War II.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Alexei Chepa, in an interview with the Federal News Agency, reminded that at the cost of their lives, the Soviet soldiers liberated the Baltic States from German invaders. According to the parliamentarian, the ban under discussion in Latvia completely contradicts the history of the Second World War.

“This, in fact, insanity turns everything upside down. Such a distortion of historical truth, in any case, will lead to very serious consequences in the country. This is a violation of all international agreements condemning Nazism when the agreement on surrender was signed and the Nuremberg process assessed all actions of Hitler and his supporters, ”he explained.

As Chep explained, “such a position is not welcomed in any country, and only the Baltic states inflate chauvinism.” According to the deputy, such a policy of Riga should not be left unanswered by Moscow.

“We have to react to such things, letting them pass by is very dangerous. All diplomatic channels, at all levels and platforms need to talk about the inadmissibility of such a line, ”he concluded.

Recall that in 2013 Latvia passed a law prohibiting the use of symbols at public events – flags, emblems and anthems of the republics of the former USSR and Nazi Germany, the Nazi swastika, the SS sign and Soviet symbols – the sickle and hammer with a five-pointed star.

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