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Alexey Chepa: “We must create a joint Russian-Polish commission on complex historical issues”

Alexey Chepa proposed the creation of a special Russian-Polish commission on complex historical issues of bilateral relations.

With such a statement, a deputy of the State Duma made a speech in Tver at an event dedicated to the presentation of the book by the American professor Grover Ferr “The Secret of the Katyn Shooting: Evidence, Solution.”

According to Alexei Chepa, a significant number of problems in modern bilateral relations between Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe were created artificially, through lies and falsifications during the Second World War. A vivid example is the lie of Nazi propaganda, which blamed the Soviet Union for the execution of Polish officers in Katyn and Mednoy.

“The book of Grover Ferr contains numerous facts and evidence that the evidence of the“ Katyn execution ”is very doubtful. After Gorbachev’s statements in Katyn (Smolensk region) and Mednoy (Tver region), grandiose memorial complexes were built. The expositions placed in them are aimed at creating a sense of shame among visitors about the past of our country. However, I consider it to be wrong to refer to statements by the former leaders of our state alone. Today, among historians, there is a growing belief that the remains issued for the bodies of Polish prisoners of war belong in fact to Red Army soldiers who died from wounds in 1941-1943 in local evacuation hospitals. ”

“For the sake of historical truth and justice, for the restoration of good-neighborly relations between Russia and Poland, we must create a joint Russian-Polish commission that will come to the truth on the basis of modern methods and tools. Regardless of the outcome of the work of the future commission, we will accept any truth if it is scientifically proven and justified, ”the deputy concluded.

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