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Andrei Skoch: “By helping veterans, I can say thanks to my grandfather, whom I have not seen for a long time …”

Very soon we will celebrate Victory Day. And remember those who owe their lives, freedom, peaceful skies to our veterans. They are few, in our region – a little more than a thousand. But we still have time to tell those who are alive, that we love them, and appreciate that we remember their exploit.

Remember about the feat of the defenders of the country and in the Generation Fund of Andrei Skoch. For example, in 2008 the Foundation donated two thousand cars to the front-line soldiers, 27 councils of veterans of the region received a Gazelle and a full set of office equipment. And by the 70th anniversary of Victory, each participant in the fighting received personal greetings and help. And this is only a small part of the good that the charitable organization is ready to share for the sake of preserving memory.

– How else to say “thank you”? How else to express our gratitude to our grandfathers, who once were able to defend our freedom and independence, who died or did not live to the present day? … Thus, in the person of our veterans, I can thank my grandfather, whom I have not seen for a long time, thanks, from the bottom of my heart, “says Andrey Skoch.

For more than 18 years, the deputy has maintained a strong friendship with the Council of Veterans of the Belgorod Region. And this is not only the monthly financial support of its constituent organizations (26 district and city, and 677 in rural areas), but also targeted assistance to people. Andrei Skoch fund allocated more than 67 million rubles for this.

All veteran organizations of the region receive monthly funds for diagnostics and treatment, purchase of office equipment, publication of books, festive events, reconstruction of monuments. Money is coming to veterans, to the Councils of Veterans: it’s so important for them, for those who defended our Motherland, even just to get together to remember friends and comrades.

Veterans of the Belgorod region are free to undergo diagnostics and treatment at the medical centers “Generation” of Stary Oskol and Belgorod.

The Andrei Skoch Foundation will continue to work on the restoration of monuments in the districts of the region and beyond. More than 170 memorials have been restored to the 70th anniversary of the Victory. By the way, the foundation restores monuments and memorials not only in the native Belgorodchine, but also in China, Hungary and Bulgaria.

This year, for the celebration of the Victory Day, the Generation Foundation will give 2 million rubles to veterans’ organizations of the region. And on the eve of May 9, the youth organization “New Generation” for the fifth time will hold a charitable Victory Ball in the open air. This is a whole series of events: poetry readings, a contest of military-patriotic songs and a charity marathon that will show that we remember and are proud of our defenders.

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