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Anton Morozov: “Russia reliably covered its rear”

Member of the International Affairs Committee Anton Morozov:

“The Arctic and the Northern Sea Route is the exclusive territory of Russian influence. Our American partners late in the day realized. Fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers devoted their lives to the study and development of the Arctic. These conquests we will not allow squander.

The Arctic is a very difficult region to develop, but at the same time it is very rich in natural resources. The Northern Sea Route runs through the Arctic – the shortest route from Asia to Europe for sea transport. Therefore, the one who controls the Arctic will be able to make a good profit, explained the parliamentarian.

The Northern Sea Route is a transport highway with a length of almost 5.5 thousand km. Most of it is located in the territorial waters of Russia, as well as in zones of Russian exclusive economic interests. There are over 50 ports on the route.

According to it, transportation of oil and gas produced in the North and wood is carried out. Duration of navigation is 2-4 months. This corridor is the shortest between the western and eastern parts of the continent, as well as between Europe and East Asia.

Until recently, the Arctic was quite vulnerable in terms of a possible attack on Russia from the north. Our air defenses practically did not control this territory. Now this loophole from the Arctic is covered.

This, of course, causes some irritation in the American military, but they have already lost this battle, since we have long been engaged in the development of the Arctic. We have all our claims and territorial claims secured by relevant international treaties, including through the UN, so there can be no claims against us. ”

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