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Anton Morozov: Sanctions against Russia will be softened

“They control the whole world due to the fact that they have a powerful financial system, a conglomeration of banks. Tough long-term sanctions against Russian financial institutions are already beginning to prevent American businesses from making a profit. They, of course, formulated [the new edition of the draft law] a bit streamlined, showing mitigation.
It is obvious that, nevertheless, they will gradually restore cooperation with Russian structures in order not to lose control over the economies of other countries and financial flows throughout the world.

It is necessary to diversify relations with other countries, to switch to settlement in national currencies, to increase trade with various counterparties, while refusing the dollar and US securities.

First, US sanctions in the financial sector do not give the desired effect (this is already recognized even in Congress), and secondly, because of its own limitations, America is losing control over the financial markets of the Russian Federation and the region, which reduces the profitability of US credit institutions. Therefore, although not directly, but in a veiled form, restrictions against Russia in the financial sector will be relaxed and lifted over time. ”

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