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Anton Morozov: The Dutch are not blind now. The rest will be pulled up soon

The unanimous demand of the Dutch parliament to investigate the role of Ukraine in the disaster MH17 shows the “insight” of Europe. This opinion of the FBA “Economy Today” was voiced by State Duma deputy Anton Morozov.

The Dutch parliament unanimously supported the idea of ​​investigating the role of Ukraine in the case of the crash in the Donbass in July 2014 of the Malaysian Boeing, following the flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Thus, the deputies approved the requirement for the government to consider on what basis Kiev did not close the sky for civilian flights over the territory where military clashes took place during the civil conflict. The government is obliged to study the facts and report on the results of the lower house of parliament.

“The demand of the Dutch parliament is more than appropriate, and the only question is why it has not been voiced before,” the parliamentarian notes. “After the crash of the Malaysian Boeing, the Dutch authorities came under pressure from the political pressure of the United States and the European Union. Ukraine, laying the blame for what happened in full on Russia, and for five years they stubbornly pursued this line.

This is a consequence of the anti-Russian mainstream in the media, which was imposed by the Americans on Europe. After the events of 2014, Washington assigned certain political goals to contain Russia after the 2014 events, and it was also used to provoke the tragedy of MH17. The Kiev regime in this story needed to be isolated from any investigation, because extremely uncomfortable facts would immediately become public. Therefore, to any mention of the crash of the Boeing, the phrase “Russia is to blame” was immediately tied.

“It is very strange that five months before the trial, the Dutch parliament“ recalls ”the need to investigate Ukraine – you need to understand whether they can conduct a full investigation on this request with a full assessment of the role of Kiev in this matter. In general, I would like to believe that the Dutch authorities are not trying to prepare a “fallback plan,” anticipating the failure of the anti-Russian version in the Hague court.

The investigation has not yet been completed; questions to the defendants in this case have not been fully resolved. And one can hope for an objective court decision only if there are no “white spots” in the work of the investigation. Removing issues in Ukraine will clearly affect the course of the court hearings next spring, “concludes Anton Morozov.

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