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Anton Morozov: “The US Sanctions Will Not Work”

Member of the International Affairs Committee Anton Morozov:

“It’s time for our colleagues from the US Senate to change the record.” After all, it is obvious that the tightening of sanctions and attempts to force Russia and Iran on issues of Syrian settlement have convincingly proved their inefficiency and futility. It is necessary to strengthen the intergovernmental and restore the inter-parliamentary negotiation process in order to find together a mutually acceptable path to a Middle East settlement.

The United States believes that it is not legitimate enough and enjoys the support of the Syrian people, but we understand that [the Americans] have certain economic interests in this direction, in this sense, Assad is inconvenient for them. They tried [to achieve their goal] by military means, that is, to mobilize the opposition and do everything to dislodge the head of the republic, but this did not work out.

I think that this measure will not work very well, because, as you know, the Russian Federation and Iran provide the most significant military assistance to Syria, and we are already under sanctions in many areas.
Practice has shown that the mechanism of pressure and coercion does not work in relation to either the Russian Federation or Iran. I assess this as a non-constructive, unpromising step on the part of the American authorities. ”

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