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Anton Morozov: “Will Poroshenko have time to escape or go to jail?”

Member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Anton Morozov, in an interview with RT, commented on the decision of the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine to open a criminal case under the article on treason against the former President of the country, Petro Poroshenko.

In particular, one of the articles of the prosecution affects the events of November 25, 2018, related to the transition of the Black Sea to the Azov Sea in the Kerch Strait area by the naval group of Ukraine.

“The fact is that this case was a political action aimed at destabilizing relations with Russia. This action did not meet any standards of the current legislation neither in Ukraine nor in international law. So there are grounds for bringing Poroshenko to justice.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, while the president was in power, did not dare to give the charges and bring Poroshenko to justice.

But now they, apparently, got the go-ahead that there is a possibility of criminal prosecution. Let’s hope that the case will be brought to the end and will give the president a corresponding legal assessment. ”

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