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Dmitry Novikov: Interrogation of Yumasheva in the USA is a relapse

The interrogation of State Duma deputy Inga Yumasheva is another out of the ordinary case in relations between the United States of America and the Russian Federation, said First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, deputy from the Communist Party faction Dmitry Novikov.

According to the parliamentarian, the situation begins to take on the character of constantly recurring attacks.

“Relapse is evident. And all this means that we will have to answer, we will have to react. I don’t exclude that the idea that has already been expressed, for example, regarding the creation of conditions for the normal operation of the UN headquarters and all national delegations, is also being updated, ”said Dmitry Novikov.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry protested to the US authorities in connection with the interrogation of a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Inga Yumasheva. The diplomatic department called the actions of the employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation short-sighted and dangerous, and also recalled that Yumasheva, as the coordinator of the State Duma’s parliamentary group on relations with the US Congress, was heading to the Fort Ross Dialogue political forum, which aims to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between Russia and the USA.

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