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Dmitry Novikov: “To defeat Russia in the economic struggle, traditionally used mechanisms of historical discredit”

To defeat Russia in the economic struggle, mechanisms traditionally associated with its historical and political discredit are used. This was stated to the Parliamentary Newspaper by the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Dmitry Novikov.

So he commented on the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who compared Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the Islamic State terrorist group (IS), banned in Russia.

“Freedom has enemies. And they need to restrain. If deterrence does not work, you need to fight. Hitler could not be stopped by peaceful protests, Stalin could not be held back by words, and the IG could not be defeated by dialogue, ”the Alliance Secretary General said on 4 April.

In today’s situation, when Russia has again become the object of intense pressure from the West, there are certain goals that are achieved by various methods, Novikov recalled.

“The minimum task is not to give Russia the opportunity to become a serious economic competitor on the world stage, and the maximum task is a long-term strategy aimed at the destruction of our country. An ideal scenario for them for us is a repetition of the fate of the Soviet Union, ”he explained.

The propaganda struggle is no less important than the mechanisms of economic pressure, the deputy noted.

“The idea of ​​equalizing Stalin and Hitler was constructed almost immediately after the end of the Second World War,” Dmitry Novikov continued. “We have not yet celebrated the first anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, and Mr. Churchill had already delivered a Fulton speech when in fact declared a crusade against communism.”

In his opinion, this meant that anti-fascist ideals, which rallied the USSR, Great Britain and the United States at a certain historical interval, were very quickly rejected.

“The betrayal of the general struggle against Hitlerism was then very simply substantiated – by the substitution of terms. It was not easy to do this, because the systems are completely different, but they invented the term “totalitarianism”, which is still used today.

“What we have now heard from the mouth of the NATO Secretary General is the continuation of the same line of struggle with history in order to solve modern political problems in its own interests,” the parliamentarian concluded.

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