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Elena Panina commented on Filaret’s call not to recognize the OCU

The accusations of the United States and Great Britain against the “Russians – employees of the GRU” of allegedly committing hacker attacks on the Olympic Games in Korea and Japan are part of an information war against Russia, which, according to the laws of the genre, requires feeding or facts. or pseudo-facts, says Dmitry Novikov, first deputy chairman of the State Duma’s international affairs committee.

Earlier, the United States indicted six Russians involved in the spread of the NotPetya virus in 2017 for hacking. It is alleged that these persons are employees of the GRU and organized, among other things, cyberattacks at the Olympics in South Korea. In addition, the UK said that the intelligence of the Russian Federation allegedly also planned a cyberattack on the organizers of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Novikom believes that nothing but an information war can explain the accusations against Russia. He noted that the fact that all the largest IT giants and mega-corporations in this area are located in the United States should also be taken into account, and Russia, unfortunately, is not on the crest of information development.

“As for the question of why this always arises, there are laws of genres, laws of information warfare, which require constant replenishment with either facts or pseudo-facts. work to ensure that all these accusations do not hang in the air. This is the kind of work that has been done – we hear new accusations about old plots that the alleged evidence base finally appears, but I do not exclude that, as in the case of Skripals, with the case regarding the “poisoning” of Navalny, – all this will be quickly exposed, and it turns out that it is not worth a damn, “the deputy added in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

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