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Anton Morozov: New sanctions, digital wars and military provocations should be expected from the United States

The US has lost the idea of ​​world domination and is forced to consolidate the crumbling empire with horror stories about Russia, filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov said on the air of the Russia-1 TV channel. Anton Morozov, a member of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee, did not agree with this point of view. Washington will never give up its dominance in the world, the parliamentarian said in a comment to NN.

At the same time, the politician agreed that in the near future the Russian Federation should expect digital wars, cyberattacks, disconnections from the Internet and other provocations from the Americans.

“I believe that the United States will not give up its claims to world domination. They know how to make money on this, so they will try in every possible way to maintain their dominance, especially in the financial and economic sphere. I think that in such a situation, Russia should expect new ones from them. sanctions, and a digital war, and some provocations. The United States will use the confrontation with the Russian Federation and other declared unfriendly countries with the entire arsenal of their means, “Morozov emphasized.

Speaking about the Internet, the parliamentarian explained that the United States can go both to disconnect the accounts of individual politicians or government agencies, and to suspend a number of providers in the Russian Federation or disconnect the country as a whole.

“There may be local disconnections of the accounts of state authorities or individual politicians who, according to the Americans, promote” wrong approaches “, and given that the Internet is still physically controlled by an American company, they, in principle, can disconnect our country from the root domain servers Then we will have to use our independent Internet, which is now being created, “- explained Morozov.

The parliamentarian also did not rule out the initiation by Washington of local conflicts with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

“I do not exclude local conflicts, perhaps even with the use of weapons of mass destruction. We need to prepare for this and develop a plan to counter such aggressive actions,” Morozov stressed.
As for the problems that the United States itself is now experiencing, including the seizure of the Capitol and the African American uprisings, according to the parliamentarian, all of them were and are controllable. Thus, the uprising of Black Lives Matter was necessary to ensure a confident victory for Biden.

“White Americans were for Trump, and blacks were picked up by Biden, who promised them the restoration of various kinds of rights. And even then, this was not enough, we had to use various mechanisms of falsification, including voting by mail. , then, in my opinion, it was all staged. The Democrats had to remove Trump from politics, accusing him of initiating illegal actions. Now he is preparing an impeachment to legally exclude the possibility of further political struggle. So political turbulence in the United States is taking place, but it has a controlled and sometimes artificial character, “concluded Morozov.

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