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Elena Panina appreciated Nancy Pelosi’s idea of keeping Donald Trump out of the nuclear button

The current US President Donald Trump is an impulsive politician, but the behavior of the elected head Joe Biden in emergency situations is also difficult to predict, since he may forget the names of loved ones and the sequence of some events, says Elena Panina, a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs.

Earlier, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said that on Friday she discussed with the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JSC) of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milli, options for limiting the ability of incumbent President Donald Trump to issue orders to launch a nuclear strike or start hostilities.

According to Panina, Trump is a very emotional person who at times acts aggressively, but the new President John Biden inspires no less concern, “because he often confuses some people with others, often does not remember the sequence of events.”

“The United States constantly accuses Russia or China of undermining democracy, cyber attacks, and so on. The creation of US missile defense bases along the perimeter of the Russian borders, the withdrawal from fundamental international arms control treaties have seriously complicated the international situation. All this is fraught with the emergence of unpredictable situations. And how it will behave. in situations like this, Biden? ” – Panina told RIA Novosti.

“There is a great risk that in crisis situations in dialogue with the United States we will have to deal not with a public leader bearing personal responsibility, but with a faceless and anonymous political machine,” the parliamentarian added.

Earlier it was reported that Pelosi expressed a preference for the voluntary departure of Trump or the application of the 25th amendment to the constitution, rather than impeachment. Also in the letter, she threatened to start impeachment proceedings if he did not leave his post.

On Wednesday, Trump supporters stormed into the US Capitol shortly after a rally where he urged them to go to Congress to contest the election. A woman died from a gunshot wound, a police officer who worked in the Capitol died, and three more people died during the riots from causes not related to violence. The capitol suffered material damage. The riots delayed congressional approval of Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election. Democratic leaders in Congress have called for Trump to be removed from office.

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