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Elena Panina commented on the riots in Serbia

The destabilization of the situation in Serbia does not meet Russia’s interests on the Balkan Peninsula, told RIA Novosti member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Elena Panina, commenting on allegations against the Russian Federation of involvement in anti-government unrest in Belgrade.

Earlier, the Serb pro-Western NGO Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) and a number of local media outlets disseminated information about the “Russian trace” in anti-government speeches. In response, the Russian ambassador said that such accusations were “primitive Russophobic cliches.” The Russian Foreign Ministry called these reports “stuffing,” aimed at casting a shadow over the Russian-Serbian partnership.

Serbian President Alexander Vučić said that the country does not have evidence of Russia’s involvement in anti-government demonstrations held in the country last days, while “strange types” from other states were noticed.

The organization of “colored” political rebellions has never been Russia’s tool in dialogue with other countries, especially against Serbia, which has refused to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation and works closely with our country. The destabilization of Serbia contradicts Russia’s interests in the Balkans and jeopardizes its current status of this country as a neutral, non-aligned state, friendly to Russia, “Panina said.

She also added that “for the NATO lobby” in the Balkans, Vučić is a “bone in the throat.”

“Now they are trying to remove him from power by any means, including by involving patriotic Serbs in the riots who are afraid of” surrender “,” surrender of sovereignty over Kosovo, “the deputy said.

Participants in protests that began last week in Belgrade and other cities of Serbia demand, in particular, the resignation of President Alexander Vucic and protest against the authorities’ plans to tighten measures against the spread of coronavirus. The protests do not have a single organizer or a clear action plan.

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