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Elena Panina: Germany Gets Weaker, France – New Leader Of The EU

The influence of Germany in the EU is weakening. France, led by Emmanuel Macron, is becoming a new leader of the Old World. A member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Elena Panina held a conversation about this.

“After Merkel’s departure, Germany’s leadership in the European Union will steadily decline. She used skillfully the advantages of the EU in favor of Germany, it is her merit based on personal authority. Any new German politician will find it difficult to play a similar role. Although the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt am Main, the euro is issued from there. Against the background of the weakening role of Germany in the EU, the influence of France will increase. President Emmanuel Macron is an ambitious, young and bright politician. It is not by chance that he plans to gather in Paris representatives of all countries to the Paris Peace Forum. We remember how after World War II public initiatives were actively promoted and the pacifist movement led by Frederic Joliot-Curie was gaining momentum. Pacifists were the most powerful force in the second half of the 20th century; they organized mass marches, meetings and protests.

Currently, the movement is dead and the world is rapidly moving towards the Third World War. The idea of the Forum itself speaks of Macron as a very ambitious leader who is looking far ahead” – says Elena Panina.
The deputy recalls that the United States in its nuclear doctrine prescribed the possibility of use of atomic weapons of low power for combat operations.

“Not everything is all right with their heads. But the common people are afraid of nuclear war in all countries of the world. Macron can feel these vibes. By the way, the French economy is developing well today. If you take agriculture, the French lose a lot from sanctions against Russia. Macron will drag the EU financial resources to France” – suggests a member of the Committee.

Elena Panina believes that one of the most important reasons for the resignation of the CDU leader was the illegal migration from the Middle East and Africa.

“Merkel as a politician found herself in a very difficult situation. Her point was that Germany would receive economic benefits from migration, a cheap labor force that ostensibly would heal the nation. The result is that visitors do not socialize and do not want to work while living on social benefits. When you go to Germany, you see the situation with your own eyes. Not only in Berlin, but also in smaller cities, entire neighborhoods, restaurants, shops in Arabic, people in national clothes. These are enclaves embedded in the German land “, – said Elena Panina.

According to the deputy “German society is tired of the dictates of the United States”. “People remember the history of 2013, when it turned out that the NSA was listening to Merkel’s phones. The Chancellor swallowed the situation and went to Washington for talks” – reminds the politician.

However, ElenaPanina considers unfair harsh criticism of Merkel.

“The national spirit is being revivedin Germany. Merkel really did a lot for the German economy. Her fight against unemployment was aimed at the inflow of foreign monetary and other material resources to Germany, which has seriously advanced. Although she has lost in social terms, for example, in matters of migration and the spread of same-sex marriage. I often come to Germany, where many Russian people live. Parents protest against propaganda in schools through textbooks and asexual toys, which are not for boys and girls, but for “it”. Most families (and the Germans have traditionally adhered to conservative values) perceive LGBT propaganda negatively. Therefore, their preferences are gradually leaning towards the right camp” – the deputy believes.

“I think that Germany will be closed from illegal migration in the near future. Here the dialogue between Russia and Germany on Syria will become of particular importance. The Germans will also need to negotiate with Turkey. Moreover, in Germany there are more than 2 million Turks who have taken root and work there” – the member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs concluded.

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