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Elena Panina: “Kiev will change the presidents, shuffle the ministers, but the fate of the Ukrainian regime is decided on Capitol Hill”

“Is a war between Ukraine and Russia possible? At first glance, impossible. The authorities of Kiev are not completely stupid, they understand that the military forces of our countries are too unequal and the war will quickly end in a total defeat of Ukraine.

Russia will never be the first to attack Ukraine. Theoretically, the opposite is possible, but, given the technical condition of the armies, the war will not last long. It will be on the conscience of Ukrainian politicians.

At the same time, it is impossible not to see that Ukraine is actively preparing not only for the seizure of the recalcitrant Donbass, but also for a full-scale war with Russia over the Crimea in the next three years. This was announced in a recent interview with Radio Liberty by the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (MAT), Viktor Muzhenko, adding that they already have “worked out plans for various options, taking into account the threats that exist around Ukraine,” and they are “preparing troops to defend their country. ” Calculations that the Ukrainian ruling regime will fall due to a number of reasons in the near future may turn out to be untenable. Kiev will change the presidents, shuffle ministers, but the fate of the Ukrainian regime is decided not on Khreshchatyk and Maidan, but on Capitol Hill. Ukraine’s economy, exhausted to the limit, incapable of development, nevertheless, can survive thanks to endless infusions. From these injections, the West, dragging Ukraine into NATO, will never give up.
The Ukrainian army is gradually gaining strength, undergoing training, improving the quality of command and rank-and-file compositions, and is being updated with modern equipment, including that coming from the United States. He studies with American instructors, runs in the skills from the firing line in Donetsk and Lugansk.

It would be naive to expect the Ukrainian people to come to their senses, to see their eyes and throw themselves into the arms of the fraternal Russian people. For the past four years, the entire propaganda machine of the West and Ukraine has been trying to blind the image of the enemy from Russia. Kiev propaganda is total. It grinds and already largely crushes fraternal feelings, turning the Ukrainian population, consisting of Ukrainians, Russians, and Jews, into a consolidated Russophobic monolith. Ukraine is building its new state, relying on hatred of Russia and Russians.

A church split in Ukraine will not lead to a religious war. It is likely that the parishioners of the Kiev-Pechersk and Pochaev Lavra, these gentle women and confused demoralized men, will give the shrines to Philaret without a fight and will baptize their foreheads while listening to the sermons of Russian-Russian priests blessing the war with Russia.

Ukraine is turning into a powerful anti-Russian bridgehead from which NATO will lead its expansion. These will not only be rocket launchers and military border contingents. These will be powerful radio stations broadcasting to Russia, knowing the weak points of the modern Russian consciousness. These will be subversive centers that train intelligence officers and saboteurs, electronic intelligence systems, listening to the Russian space from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg. This new, hostile to Russia, Ukraine will try to break from the flank the geopolitical arc that Russia is building for its own defense.

Is it possible today to counteract this deadly trend for Russia? It must be admitted that the dissection of the Soviet Union and squeezing Ukraine out of it was a crime, from which all subsequent horrendous consequences for Russia resulted.

We must immediately abandon lending by Russian banks to the Ukrainian economy, for we are crediting a future mortal enemy. The momentary profits of Russian bankers will, in the end, be paid for with Russian blood. It is necessary to stop the supply of Russian tank engines to Ukraine, as the moment may come when Ukrainian tanks with these roaring engines will move to Russia. We must stop calling Poroshenko a partner, and the Ukrainian politicians, “our Ukrainian colleagues.” It is necessary to banish from the television, from the endless political talk shows of Kiev political scientists, who are scolding Russia from a Russian screen, in the center of Moscow preaching Bandera’s ideology.

Today’s Donbass is a buffer zone between Russia and the future NATO Ukraine. Russia should recognize the DNI and the LC, as independent states.

Russia must intervene in church feuds. Do not sob about the illegal actions of Filaret, do not blame him for deviating from the dogmatic norms. Russia, which created its power from a multitude of nations, cultures and religions, has a vast experience of the sovereign technologies and should use them in this church disruption, as it used these technologies during the South Ossetian and Abkhaz conflicts to save the people of these republics from Georgia.
We must prepare for the fact that the United States and the NATO countries may push Ukraine to war with Russia in order to accuse Russia of armed aggression and organize a total blockade of our country, which will have very serious negative consequences. ”

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