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Elena Panina: “Lukashenko’s entourage prepares for him the fate of Yanukovych”

The Belarusian authorities should immediately release all Russian citizens who are unreasonably called representatives of the Wagner PMC, and apologize to them. This is how Elena Panina, a State Duma deputy, a member of the International Affairs Committee, director of the Institute of Russian Strategies, commented on the detention in Belarus of employees of PMSC “Mar” in Belarus.

“Today the picture of what happened is already completely clear. Russian guards were heading to Libya via Minsk and Istanbul to guard one of the oil fields in Libya. Why through Minsk is also understandable. Air traffic between Moscow and Istanbul only recently became allowed, and through Minsk functioned without any restrictions.

Moreover, the Belarusian authorities were fully aware of the ongoing transit. The first batch of guards took off by a similar route a few days ago, but the second, for reasons that have already occurred in Belarus, which will be established, missed the flight and had to be delayed.

Furthermore. A Belarusian company was involved in escorting Russian security guards on the territory of the republic. The surname of the citizen of Belarus, who was involved in escorting them on the territory of the republic, is already known. They lived on the territory of the sanatorium of the Federation of Trade Unions, which is headed by a former employee of the Security Council of the republic, a confidant of Viktor Sheiman, the “gray cardinal” of Belarusian politics, who is one of the most influential people in the republic.

And finally. The Belarusian authorities did not present any evidence that Russian citizens were planning any illegal actions in the republic.

On this basis, the detained citizens of Russia should be immediately released.

As for the political part of this scandal, what happened is a consequence of the specifics that distinguish the current Belarusian elections.”

Elena Panina noted that in the course of this campaign, the President of Belarus is increasingly becoming a hostage to those forces that are trying to deprive him of freedom of maneuver, burn bridges in relations with Russia, and, ultimately, push Yanukovych on the path. Perhaps, the Russian politician suggested, Lukashenka was able to warm up psychologically by subtly playing on the emotional strings of his personality.

“In any case, the Belarusian leader should have enough political wisdom to condemn the provocation and free himself from the influence of manipulators who push him into the abyss, and Belarus – towards the Ukrainian scenario with an inevitable political and economic collapse,” the politician said.

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