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Elena Panina: “New barbarism in the USA cannot be a harbinger of a golden age”

The absence of political leaders in the United States who soberly assess the situation in the country and the prospects for its development is a serious problem for Americans. So State Duma deputy, member of the International Affairs Committee, director of the Institute of Russian Strategies Elena Panina commented on Donald Trump’s statement about the “golden age” that the United States allegedly awaits.

According to Panina, the forecast of the future of the United States makes one think rather about the “dark ages” that plunged Europe into the abyss of barbarism after the decline of the Roman Empire than about the “golden age” – a period of prosperity and growth.

“The tumbled down monuments, looted shops, desecrated national symbols – these are precisely the symptoms of the new barbarism that is sweeping America. And this will continue regardless of whether Trump wins the presidential election or is defeated, ”said Panina.

According to the politician, the power of the United States was provided in the past by two factors: on the one hand, these are “American values” – patriotism, respect for work and religion, Protestant ethics in business, the cult of the traditional family, and on the other, the status of the dollar as a world reserve currency.

“Today we see that American values ​​are crumbling, and the world financial oligarchy is frantically looking for a replacement for the dollar, since the US national debt in the amount of 26.5 trillion is hanging on it. There are no more objective reasons that made America “great”, ”Panina emphasized.

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