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Elena Panina offered an economic response to the EU demarche over Navalny

Russia should respond to the EU’s demarche with the introduction of sanctions “in the case” of Alexei Navalny against a number of Russian officials, but it is better to do this on the economic plane, said Elena Panina, a member of the State Duma’s international affairs committee.

Earlier, the EU enacted a decision on sanctions against six Russians and a scientific institute in connection with the situation with Navalny, Russians were banned from entering the territory of the Union. Among those who will be subject to EU restrictions are FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko, Head of the Kremlin’s Internal Policy Department Andrei Yarin and Presidential Envoy to Siberia Sergei Menyailo.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Panina noted that the Russian side “must definitely respond to this demarche.” At the same time, according to the deputy, the answer does not have to be sustained in the political plane, in the form of similar restrictions for EU officials.

“There are doubts that such measures can be productive. The West has ceased to understand the significance of diplomatic steps. Therefore, most likely, the answer should be asymmetric. Best of all – in the economic plane. Life has shown the effectiveness of Russian counter-sanctions concerning EU agricultural products. Apparently, we should think about it. over the search for other vulnerabilities “, – stated Panina.

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