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Elena Panina on sanctions in connection with the unfriendly actions of Ukraine

Member of the Committee on International Affairs Elena Panina:

“We have suffered for a long time, but there is a limit to everything. The Ukrainian authorities believed in their own impunity, imposed one sanction after another against us, it came to the point that now in Ukraine they can arrest any person who has been in Crimea to visit relatives. I believe that this has long been necessary to answer. Most importantly is that this is the answer not to ordinary Ukrainians who come to work in Russia and thereby support their families in Ukraine. After all, we have not introduced a visa regime for Ukrainian citizens, although the Ukrainian authorities constantly threaten to introduce visas, cancel transport routes, knowing full well how it engraves lives of ordinary citizens. However for the Ukrainian authorities, interests of the people are not a priority, the main thing for them is personal property and financial interests.

The sanctions imposed by Russia will hit specific Ukrainian businessmen and politicians (although often they are the same). Many Ukrainian businessmen still make money safely in Russia trading in metallurgical and engineering spheres, conducting various currency and commercial operations. Many Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians have elite real estate in Moscow and the Moscow region, which they successfully use. At the same time, the same people continue to participate in the denigration of Russia and the Russians, contributing to the incitement of hatred between the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. Sanctions deprive these figures of the opportunity to sit on two chairs: they pour dirt on our country and receive income in Russia.

We have always considered and we consider Ukrainians to be a brotherly people. We understand that ordinary Ukrainians and the Ukrainian authorities are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. Therefore, sanctions are not imposed against Ukraine, sanctions are imposed against specific representatives of the Ukrainian elite. And these sanctions are fair”.

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