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Elena Panina on the doping scandal: to seek an explanation of what is happening in a purely sports field is naive

Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Elena Panina:

The Director General of the American Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) TravisTaigart advocated the complete exclusion of Russian athletes from participating in the Olympic Games. The sanctions proposed by the WADA Compliance Committee are not enough for him, he needs to destroy the Russian sport, the whole thing. This is the case when private interests are mixed with big politics: to fish in troubled waters. After all, we all remember how our hockey players were able to win the last Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang even under a neutral flag. Of course, having such a strong operatic, it is difficult for Americans to count on victory.

But is this just a sport issue?

If we assess the situation with the doping scandal surrounding Russia lasting for many years, then this is a big game of global politics.

For reference: doping scandals occur in all major sports powers in the world. But the responsibility lies with specific athletes and coaches, maximum – sanctions are imposed on sports federations. Such that the whole country for many years isolated from world sports, never was with anyone. The situation with pressure on Russia in the sports field is unprecedented. It has no analogues.

To seek an explanation of what is happening in a purely sports field is naive.

Globalist forces have long exerted pressure on Russia from outside, trying to turn it into a rogue country. Does not work. Despite everything, they reckon with the world in Russia, cooperate with Russia, and global political issues cannot be resolved without it.

As Churchill once said: “Russia cannot be defeated by force, but it can be destroyed from within.” Attempts to such pressure from the inside have been going on for more than one year, and the doping scandal is one of them.

After all, as conceived: sport is the greater half of our country, we all cheer for our athletes. But sports life is not only athletes who, due to WADA sanctions, lose their skills, knowledge, and mastery. These are millions of fans.

In fact, there is traced not only the desire to humiliate our country, to strike at national symbols, national prestige. This is also a clear intention to destructively set up a huge army of fans, who, by the way, have been repeatedly involved in various kinds of color revolutions. They are trying to impress upon them: problems in sports life occur because your country and your leader pursue a “wrong” policy. Reunited with Crimea, resolved the conflict in Syria, prevented a coup in Venezuela, build a multipolar world, cooperate with China, India, the Islamic world. But if you start walking, as in the 90s, in a pro-Western fairway, then everything will be all right with you.

Of course, this is an illusion. It is important for globalists to destroy Russia’s sovereignty at all costs, and even better, to destroy the Russian Federation, as was done with the Soviet Union.

Of course, no revolutions, including color ones, take place without internal reasons. And of course, our sports officials didn’t have to beat themselves in the chest and make excuses, but we had to really figure it out, using all the tools, including international organizations and courts, in the situation that arose after Rodchenkov’s betrayal. How reliable is the data that he claims to be true, and how consistent are the WADA rules introduced after 2014, practically simultaneously with economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, to the spirit of the Olympic movement? And why is the voice of our representatives so weak in international sports organizations when we have such strong athletes?

Nobody removes responsibility from sports bureaucracy. But we must understand that this is just an excuse. And the root cause is that, from the point of view of the globalist elite, a strong Russia should not be on the world map.

Even if we are holier than the Pope, our opponents will still find a reason for sanctions, isolation, a boycott … And a lie affects people most precisely when it contains half-truths.

And after all, pay attention to why WADA proposes to withdraw Russia from big sport for exactly four years? Just in order to aggravate the situation for the presidential election in Russia, the relationship is visible to the naked eye. And then everything follows the familiar pattern that we observe in other countries.
However, whenever they try to press us so rudely and shamelessly, we rally, grit our teeth and become stronger.

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