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Elena Panina: “The American Deep State is trying to scare Trump”

The fact that American law enforcement officers have come for all the key figures in Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters – Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and now Steve Bannon – is significant. So the State Duma deputy, member of the International Affairs Committee, director of the Institute of Russian Strategies Elena Panina commented on the criminal prosecution of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who was accused of embezzling money collected to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

“Owned by Amazon owner Bezos, The Washington Post is broadcasting about the” corruption “of the experts who ensured Trump’s victory. In reality, however, we are dealing with the revenge of the American “deep state” on the people who broke the American political conveyor and brought the politician “from the outside” to power. This is a lesson that they want to teach everyone who tries to play an independent game in American politics, who challenges the shadow puppeteers, ”Panina emphasized.

According to Panina, the strategic goal of these actions is to intimidate Trump himself, the compromising evidence on which will now be knocked out of Bannon by all means.

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