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Elena Panina: “The direct military presence, according to the Syrian variant, is hardly acceptable for us in Latin America”

“The events in Venezuela revealed several obvious things.

1. Everything develops according to a well-known scenario. It was already in Libya, in Ukraine, it also began in Syria. The use of popular discontent with economic difficulties for declaring the legitimate government of the country illegitimate. The organization of subversive actions by the part of the political elite bought by American money, which illegally self-proclaims itself to the new leadership of the country. Immediate recognition of these impostors by the legitimate authority of the United States and its dependent countries. The difference is that now American “exporters of freedom and democracy” not only do not try to hide, but behave extremely cynically. After President Maduro broke off diplomatic relations with the United States and pointed out the door for the Americans, the US State Department announced that his diplomats would not leave. All these actions except political terrorism can not be called.

2. Venezuela is on the verge of civil war, if not in the Syrian scenario, then in Latin American for sure. Despite the mass protests in the capital Caracas, the legitimate president Maduro is supported by a significant part of the population, especially in the provinces, and even more so in the oil-producing regions. The president is supported by the army. Therefore, it is possible with a high probability to predict a nationwide conflict with the use of weapons. Already weapons the US impostors will help.

3. This is not the situation in Venezuela today. Political and economic difficulties increased. Yes, Maduro won the presidential election in May 2018, but it took place in the wake of growing popular discontent over the deterioration of people’s lives. Actual deterioration. And the leadership of Venezuela, having in their hands serious economic leverage in the form of oil revenues, failed to continue Hugo Chávez’s social and economic policies to maintain social stability and the standard of living of the population. And the United States will now allow a flow of humanitarian aid to Venezuela, creating the appearance of benefactor Uncle Sam. Essentially, this help will not change anything, but it will create an appearance.

We in Venezuela have serious economic projects in the oil sector, agreements on military cooperation, in Venezuela, many of our specialists work on the implementation of joint projects. In addition, one should not forget that Venezuela is one of the largest oil-producing countries in the world, and by gaining access to its oil resources, the United States can bring down prices on the world oil market, which will seriously affect the Russian economy. Therefore, taking into account all these factors, Russia will not be able to stay away from unceremonious interference from the United States, aimed at overthrowing the legitimate president of Venezuela. I think that China, which has invested about 50 billion dollars in joint projects with Venezuela, will not stand aside. Only the firm position of the two great powers and other countries can be a weighty enough diplomatic argument for presumptuous “exporters of democracy” to prevent bloodshed in Venezuela. However, one must be realistic and understand that the direct military presence, according to the Syrian variant, is hardly acceptable for us in Latin America.

For Russia and those countries that are trying to resist the imposition of a new “world order” is another lesson. How much can you step on the same rake? If we are offered the same scenario of undermining state sovereignty, then we need to develop our own scenario of preventing and counteracting such interventions, and not waiting for an open conflict to be provoked. And we, and China, and other countries that do not agree with such a subversive globalist policy, cannot but understand that in this line of provocations, we all sooner or later will be targeted. Organizations can be countered only by organization. When Soviet Russia needed to resist the intervention of the Entente in fomenting civil war, the Comintern was created, which launched mass information and organizational work to attract the broad strata of the population of the Western countries. And this activity was very successful. Maybe it’s time to create a new Internationale “Antipolitterror”? Moreover, the line on the establishment of a new world domination is already failing. For now it is necessary to clear up a situation. “

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