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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Alexander Vucic responded to NATO claims”

An important statement by Serbian President Alexander Vucic about the commitment to maintain Serbian neutrality in the military sphere – “is Belgrade’s response to the NATO leadership, which had set itself the goal of turning the Balkans into a controlled region of its influence,” said Sergey Zhelezniak, a member of the Committee on International Affairs.

The West, primarily the North Atlantic Alliance, purposefully shakes the situation, conducts blatant subversive activities in the region, plays on the national and religious interests of the multinational people of Serbia to continue to put pressure on the country’s leadership, forcing Belgrade to recognize Kosovo’s independence and finally split the country. The Serbian leadership, in turn, demonstrates the peace-loving nature of its policies and commitment to take all measures to prevent the conflict from escalating, to avoid direct armed clashes on the border with unrecognized Kosovo and preserve the integrity of the country” said the parliamentarian.

The meeting of the two leaders showed the West once again that Russia is always ready to support the fraternal Serbian people, the deputy stressed.

“The meeting of the presidents of Russia and Serbia in Moscow in the current difficult situation in the brotherly republic and in the Balkans confirmed the importance of sovereignty, territorial integrity, economic independence of Serbia and readiness to develop cooperation. The conversation was held in Russian, which underlines the degree of deep respect of the head of Serbia, Alexander Vucic, for Russia and personally for our president” Zhelezniak said.

Serbia remains committed to the principle of neutrality in the military sphere, said Serbian President AleksandarVucic at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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