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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Anti-Russian sentiments are rising in Latvia and official Riga acts similarly to Ukraine”

“What is happening now in Latvia in relation to the Russian language is a manifestation of linguistic genocide against Russian-speaking citizens, of which there are more than 40% in the country.” This opinion was expressed by a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Sergey Zheleznyak.

According to the deputy: “The decision of the Latvian Constitutional Court is not just a blow to the Latvian education system, it is a direct violation of human rights. It is extremely worrying that anti-Russian sentiments are increasing in Latvia and official Riga acts similarly to Ukraine, where the anti-people regime of Poroshenko, who is leaving the post, purposefully destroyed everything Russian, including the language, history and the bearers of Russian culture. Frank Nazism against the Russian-speaking population on the part of the Kiev rulers turned into a war against the people of Donbass and threatened the destruction of the population of Crimea. The reunification of the Crimean people with Russia saved thousands of the inhabitants of the peninsula from being exterminated by the Nazi gangsters. ”

“The civilized world community, European countries, the EU leadership, human rights organizations do not have the right to ignore the actions of the Latvian authorities, who grossly violate human rights and deny the possibility of studying and working in their native language, in fact, half of the country’s population.

The anti-Russian leadership of Latvia, constantly proving its loyalty to Brussels and Washington, clearly bends the edge and rudely tramples on European values, which are so earnestly defended in words. Another blatant demonstration of the policy of double standards threatens to turn into a big ethnic conflict and a huge human targe.”

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