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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Brussels, under Washington’s tune, interferes in the internal affairs of Venezuela”

“The outgoing European Parliament, in effect as a department of the Washington administration, fulfills the will of the“ boss ”and pushes the EU countries into a flagrant violation of international law regarding sovereign Venezuela,” said Sergei Zheleznyak, member of the Duma’s international affairs committee.

According to the politician: “The resolution recognizing the American provocateur Guaido as the president of Venezuela demonstrates that Brussels is willing to interfere in the internal affairs of an independent state, ignoring the fundamentals of democracy, the values ​​of which in Europe and the United States like to talk beautifully. The leadership of the United States and the EU is absolutely not interested in the opinion of the citizens of Venezuela. At the same time, Russia insists that only the people of Venezuela have the right to decide how the country should develop and who should be the head of state. The situation created by the pseudo-collective West around Venezuela is an example of double standards in politics, an unprecedented violation of international law and attempts by the US-led coalition to forcefully change power in Venezuela. ”

In turn, the demands made from Brazil about the withdrawal of the Russian military from Venezuela, the parliamentarian called the result of Washington’s pressure on the country’s authorities.

“For civilized countries, it is obvious that the conflict in Venezuela has the only way to resolve it – negotiations between the current government and the opposition through the mediation of responsible countries and international organizations interested in preserving peace in the region, the statehood and territorial integrity of Venezuela. Russia will continue to defend, including at the level of the UN Security Council, so that the United States could not illegally carry out its destructive plans in relation to this sovereign country, ”the MP said.

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