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Sergey Zheleznyak commented on the speech of the President of Russia at the session of the Valdai Club

“A deep analysis of the international situation and a meaningful understanding of the role of Russia in the system of global relations that the head of our country demonstrates is extremely important against the backdrop of a crisis of mistrust, attempts by a number of countries to shake the balance of forces, unleash an arms race and push the world into chaos of nuclear confrontation. The leader of Russia differs from most world politicians in a special responsible position for the future not only of our country, but also for maintaining the sustainable development of the world. ” So a member of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Sergey Zheleznyak commented on the speech of the President of Russia at the session of the Valdai Club.

“The constructive agenda of the dialogue, the lack of desire for bloc thinking, the willingness to openly discuss the causes of modern challenges and conflicts with partners in the international arena that Russia offers, can lead the world out of the dead end artificially created by politicians who are unable to abandon momentary greedy ambitions and neglected interests citizens, ”the parliamentarian added.

He added: “The most important constructive proposal from Russia was the President’s call to create an organization for security and cooperation in the Persian Gulf with the participation of our country, China, the European Union and the USA.

Our president today has also clearly outlined the creative, peacekeeping tasks of Russia in Syria, which our country, together with the Syrian authorities and with the support of partners in Turkey and Iran, is clearing the remnants of terrorism and creating the conditions for a political settlement of the intra-Syrian crisis, contributing to the formation of a constitutional committee. ”

Zheleznyak also noted: “In the words of the head of state, the idea of ​​a large Eurasian partnership was voiced important for sustainable development, for the creation of which favorable conditions can be created by the joint efforts of interested countries in Europe and Asia. Our country is ready for this, the word belongs to other states. The President of Russia reiterated his intention to further build interaction on the principles of mutual respect, equality, international law and cooperation with partners in the face of existing global threats, including terrorism. At the same time, our country will always prioritize its own national interests, preserving our traditions and multinational culture, ensuring the safety and well-being of Russians.

Thanks to such discussion platforms as Valdai, the world community and the expert community have a unique opportunity to hear Russia’s position on the most important issues of the international development of the first person of our state.”

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