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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Exclusivity of the level of openness of the head of state on any topic”

Record media interest in the reasoned and balanced position of Russian President Vladimir Putin on domestic and international issues demonstrates the “exclusiveness of the head of state’s openness on any topic and the growing attention to strengthening Russia’s position in the system of international relations”. According to a REGNUM correspondent on December 20, member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Sergey Zheleznyak (United Russia) announced this.

“Today, many important statements by the Russian president have been made to the world community. The most important of which is the call for the preservation of peace, stability and international balance. The head of state clearly outlined the goal of our country – to ensure sustainable development of the economy and social sphere, ensure the well-being of Russians and continue building harmonious equal relations with the international community, ”the parliamentarian said.

Russia seeks to pursue a policy of peaceful resolution of any problems and contradictions, to avoid a new arms race, which the US imposes, to ensure the security of the country and the rights of citizens, not to succumb to provocations, political demarches and sanctions blackmail, continuing to follow its own national interests while respecting international law and respect for partners, said the deputy.

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