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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Fondly discard the interests of Clinton and the forces that she represents”

Hillary Clinton’s refusal to participate in the US presidential elections in 2020 is logical, but it would be naive to ignore her interests and the intentions of the forces she represents. This was stated by RIA Novosti member of the Committee on International Affairs, a deputy from the faction “United Russia” Sergei Zheleznyak.

Recall, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday, March 4, said she did not intend to run for the presidency of the United States in 2020, noting that “she will continue to work and talk and defend her convictions.”

“The statement of Hillary Clinton about refusing to participate in the next presidential election looks logical given the results of her previous election campaign. But it would be naive to disregard the interests of Mrs. Clinton and the forces she represents, ”
said Zheleznyak.

According to the parliamentarian, the entire presidential campaign in the United States has become a litmus test of the depth of internal political differences in American society.

“Such a dirty political game, which was unleashed by supporters of Clinton and Trump, perhaps, even America did not know before. And the fact that this struggle for power in the United States continues to this day with the use of all possible methods of black political PR says that there is no public consensus. It is these internal contradictions that are the cause of Washington’s unstable and illogical foreign policy, ”noted Zheleznyak.

At the same time, the deputy stressed that now it is difficult to name the key candidate in the US presidential election. “It is difficult now to predict who will be the key candidate in the future US presidential election, but America clearly needs a leader who can build a domestic political balance and will be able to talk with international partners from a position of a responsible state, intending to maintain peace and equitable sustainable development for all countries. Although for the USA it is more like a fantastic scenario, ”said Zheleznyak.

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