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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Implementation of breakthrough initiatives will start on the international agenda of the SCO under the Russian chairmanship”

“On the international agenda of the SCO, under the Russian presidency, implementation of breakthrough initiatives will begin, including the expansion of regional cooperation and the formation of the Greater Eurasian space, which can take the organization’s interaction to a qualitatively new level. Russia, represented by the head of our state, demonstrates that it intends to pay special attention not only to global security issues, but also to the economic component of cooperation, as well as the integration of national, regional and multilateral development projects, including on the basis of digitalization. ” This opinion was expressed by a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Sergey Zheleznyak.

The politician stressed: “The SCO countries have a consonant position on key issues on the international agenda, which was reaffirmed by the meeting of the heads of state in Bishkek and the final declaration. For the interests of peace and security, it is important that the SCO countries in their policies adhere to such unifying principles as multipolarity, equality, openness, responsibility. The global tasks outlined in the statement of the head of our state, the complex international situation in a number of regions and the persistence of the threat of terrorism require joint efforts from our countries. The fight against terrorism and extremism, transnational organized crime, drug trafficking and cyber threats remain a priority area of ​​cooperation. ”

“Destructive forces in a number of Western countries and the United States are trying to exert military-political, economic and informational pressure on new centers of influence, including Russia, against which a hybrid war is being waged. The initiators of destabilization destroy the foundations of international law, illegally impose sanctions, wage trade and information wars, and prevent the resolution of acute regional conflicts, including the situation in Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, or an agreement on a nuclear deal with Iran. Under these conditions, the role of the SCO, as well as other international organizations is growing, their tasks are becoming complex.

The chairmanship of Russia in the SCO creates the prerequisites for the active implementation of the initiative of the President of Russia on the formation of the Greater Eurasian Partnership with the participation of the SCO, ASEAN, the Eurasian Economic Union in conjunction with the Chinese project “One Belt and One Way”, and in the long term – subject to interest – with the participation of countries European Union, ”the parliamentarian said.

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