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Sergey Zheleznyak: “On May 9, the Montenegrin regime itself signed a guilty verdict”

After delivering a guilty verdict on the basis of a political farce called the “attempted coup d’etat,” the Montenegrin regime itself signed a guilty verdict in Russophobia, serophobia and the desire to establish an anti-people criminal dictatorship. Now neither NATO nor the American patrons are able to save either Djukanovic himself or his minions from universal contempt and a fair trial of history. This was stated by a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Sergey Zheleznyak in connection with the conviction of the High Court of Montenegro in a case of an attempted coup d’etat in the fall of 2016.

The deputy recalled that with the help of the fabricated case of a coup with the participation of Russia, Montenegro was violently drawn into NATO. “However, the expectation that, with the help of NATO bayonets, to deal with dissidents and ensure the long-term presence of the authorities of their own criminal dictatorship, failed.

Neither the regime itself, much less its NATO patrons, have been able to win the support of the Montenegrin people. Despite political repressions, many forces of Montenegrin society only increase civil resistance, ”the parliamentarian said.

“Such national leaders as Andriya Mandic and Milan Knezhevich with their personal courage and indomitable will have already entered the history by an example worthy of imitating contemporaries and future generations. The cynical disregard of the historical traditions of the brotherhood of Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, accomplished by the adherents of the sect of the pseudo-Chernogorsk identities in the sacred Victory Day for May 9, cannot be left without universal condemnation, ”Zheleznyak stressed.

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