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Sergey Zheleznyak: “Poroshenko can be calm for the situation in the Crimea”

“For the former president of Ukraine Poroshenko it is very important to maintain his presence in the information field. To do this, he uses the traditional themes of Ukrainian politics – the return of the Crimea and Russia’s participation in the conflict in the Donbass. The first is impossible, the second is a pure lie, but it never confused Ukrainian Russophobes and those who support the anti-Russian degree in Ukraine from abroad. ” This opinion was expressed by a member of the State Duma committee on international affairs, Sergei Zheleznyak.

“It remains to be surprised at the wealth of imagination of Ukrainian politicians who tirelessly seek new options for the so-called“ return ”of Crimea. The ideas of new sanctions and ultimatums voiced by the Ukrainian authorities in relation to our country are an undisguised form of propaganda for which anti-Russian forces in the West are paying Kiev, ”the politician added.

He emphasized: “Mr. Poroshenko can be calm for the situation in Crimea. The Russian authorities are paying close attention to each region of the country, including Crimea. It is worth recalling that, being part of Ukraine, Crimea was in extremely poor condition with a ruined economy and impaired Russian-speaking population. The reunification of Crimea with Russia saved the inhabitants of the peninsula from genocide by the Nazis who were openly indulged in Kiev. Today, Crimea is an equal region of our country, which is developing harmoniously and intensively, despite the difficult situation in the world caused by the pandemic. ”

“As for the“ withdrawal ”of Russia from the Donbass, here Poroshenko again missed. He probably forgot that our country is not a party to the conflict between Kiev and the self-proclaimed republics. The commitments made in the “Norman format” referred to by Poroshenko should be fulfilled by Kiev and Donbass, and not the guarantor countries of a peaceful settlement, including Russia, ”said Zheleznyak.

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