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Sergey Zheleznyak: “The incident with a passenger plane in Syria is a warning signal”

Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Sergei Zheleznyak called the incident with a passenger plane in Syria an alarm, which requires a thorough investigation and explanation from the Israeli authorities.

According to the politician: “The explosive atmosphere in the Middle East, which is deliberately fueled by external forces interested in maintaining instability, has a very negative effect on civilians. People are forced to be in constant tension and fear for their lives. The Israeli military’s actions look extremely irresponsible and even provocative. ”

Zheleznyak emphasized: “The critical situation with a passenger plane in the suburbs of Damascus once again demonstrated the importance of the Russian military base Khmeimim, which fulfills not only the strategic task of deterring possible attacks by terrorists, but also has an important humanitarian function.
The highly professional actions of the Syrian military, with the active support of the Russian contingent, made it possible to avoid the terrible tragedy with the Ukrainian passenger plane Boeing-737, which, unfortunately, could not be prevented in the sky over Iran a month ago.

Until now, all the circumstances of the plane crash near Tehran have not been clarified. One thing is clear – Iran and Ukraine must make every possible effort to conduct an impartial and balanced thorough investigation of the disaster, so that such incidents do not recur. “

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