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Sergey Zheleznyak: “The main threat to Latvia’s national security is its unfortunate leaders”

“The main threat to Latvia’s national security is its unfortunate leaders, who obviously set themselves the task of completely assimilating the Russian-speaking population of the country and splitting society. The international community, the EU leadership, and human rights organizations are obliged to respond to gross human rights violations in Latvia and other countries, including Ukraine, where virtually half of the country’s population is deprived of the opportunity to learn and work in their native language. ” This was commented by a member of the State Duma committee on international affairs, Sergei Zheleznyak, the adoption by the Sejm of Latvia of the concept of national security, according to which the Russian special services pose the “most significant threat” to the country and the collective security of NATO and EU members.

“As for the threat of NATO and the EU, they themselves refuse to deal with security issues. This clearly demonstrates the refusal of the NATO leadership to offer Russia to maintain a moratorium on the deployment of INF arms in Europe. In this situation, Russia behaves as the only country that understands the consequences of the destruction of collective security in Europe, to which the US is pushing it, ”the parliamentarian added.

“Our Latvian neighbors have long had an obsession with the threat that Russia allegedly poses for them. Obviously, this paranoid idea was formed under the influence of American and European Russophobes, who actively support nationalist sentiments in the Baltic states and in other countries in the post-Soviet space. Russia has repeatedly stated at the highest level that we have no intention to violate the integrity and sovereignty of Latvia, as well as other states. Any statements about the allegedly aggressive intentions of Russia are anti-Russian propaganda and an attempt to deepen the crisis of mistrust in relations between our countries. I believe that it is time for Western politicians to abandon the policy of double standards and return to the mainstream of civilized dialogue in order to avoid ethnic conflicts and human tragedies, ”the politician is convinced.

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