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Svetlana Zhurova explains Merkel’s appeal to think about a world without US leadership

On the eve of the chancellor of Germany addressed the heads of state of the European Union.

“We grew up with a certain knowledge that the United States wants to be a world power. If the United States wants to stop playing this role of its own free will, we need to seriously think, ”she said. So Merkel responded to the decision of Donald trump to reduce the American military contingent in Germany from 35 thousand to 25 thousand.

Svetlana Zhurova, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, said on the air of the Moscow Says radio station that European countries are experiencing a lot of inconvenience due to sanctions against Russia. According to her, the restrictions imposed on our country are being imposed on the EU from Washington.

“In economics, of course [Merkel leads – approx. GM]. It is necessary to reflect on the fact that the United States, which dictated, including Europe, sanctions on Russia, as a world leader with leverage over European countries, it may be worth abandoning these sanctions. Europe lost a lot from them: jobs, contracts, many benefits. If our leader changes, they become, and the US no longer wants to play this role, then why sanctions? The question of who has a nuclear button and who is actually a nuclear power is understandable. Military force should not be used, and, probably, Merkel calls for the fact that the expenses that this or that party invests in its budgets for the war do not need to do this, but rather spend more on social programs. If there is no military leadership, all these resources will be redistributed to people. ”

US authorities explained the withdrawal of troops by saying that Berlin does not spend enough on defense within the framework of NATO.

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