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Svetlana Zhurova: “Trump’s statement about gender inequality is PR”

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs, a deputy from the United Russia faction Svetlana Zhurova commented on the “Duma TV” statement by the American leader Donald Trump.

In his microblogging on Twitter, the US president said that women congressmen who came from corrupt states should not be taught the “greatest nation on earth” how to lead a state. The President of the United States stressed that he appeals to women, and advised them to return to their historic homeland.

According to Zhurova, Trump chose the wrong method to be heard on the eve of the elections.

“He does this intentionally, picks up his voters,” said the parliamentarian.

The first deputy chairman of the International Affairs Committee also noted that the practice of election campaigning shows that all methods are good here, so everyone uses his own methods to achieve goals.

Donald Trump’s statement caused outrage among a number of politicians and users of social networks. In particular, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi accused the head of state of xenophobia, and the candidate for the post of American President Bernie Sanders accused Trump of racism.

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