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Vitaly Milonov: “The West will silence Sergey Skripal, or he will be acknowledged mad”

BBC journalist Mark Urban, who published the book on the case of Skripals, said that Sergey Skripal did not believe in Russia’s involvement in the assassination attempt on him and his daughter Julia.

The Guardian newspaper, citing a book by Mark Urbain TheSkripal Files, writes that after a five-week coma the former GRU officer Sergey Skripal regained consciousness and refused to believe that the Russian side had tried to kill him. The publication notes that after coma he faced some “difficult psychological adjustments”

According to the journalist, he had met Skripal more than once before the tragedy.

Vitaly Milonov, member of the Committee on International Affairs,commented on what kind of reaction Skripal could have on accusations of Russia in poisoning:”Skripal was related to the intelligence services, so he is able to assess that the accusations of Russia are nonsense.”

The politician believes that at the moment the EU is not interested in Skripalto comment on the attempt:

“Western propagandadoesn’t need him, they (Western countries) really don’t need the truth. They will silence him now, they will still say that he has something in his head after the incident. Any specialist who is related to the work of the special services, at least to some secret Estonian clown police, understands that this is all nonsense. ”

Milonov added that Sergey Skripal might not have liked the accusation of the Russians Alexander Petrov and RuslanBoshirov of the attempt on his life:

“For Skripal, as a former secret service officer, it is just a shame that he was involved in this matter. He as a professionalmight be disadvantaged that these two guys could have poisoned him, this is a comedy. Maybe he is ready to play in this comedy, but when he was abased by the English media accusing them of the poisoning, he simply could not stand it”.

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