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Sergei Shargunov: “Russia should take care of compatriots”

July 12 at the plenary session of the State Duma on behalf of the Communist Party faction, MP Sergei Shargunov. We publish the text of his speech.

Shargunov Sergey Alexandrovich
– Dear Alexander Dmitrievich! Good morning, dear colleagues.

Of course, the football championship has refuted a lot of myths about Russia, including those related to our allegedly lackluster and unfriendly.

Russia is affectionate, friendly, broad-minded, and I would like her to be affectionate not only to foreign tourists and fans, but also to their people, to their compatriots.

So today the theme of my speech is the fate of our people, their situation. These are the destitute refugees of the Donbass, and disenfranchised and humiliated non-citizens of the Baltic States, and former Soviet citizens, Russian people, who for years stand in line for Russian citizenship.

This is the theme of their destinies, this is the theme of their pain, this is a topic that rises in the sheer quantity of letters that probably all of you here in this room are receiving daily.

As is known, following the results of a direct line, the president instructed the Russian Interior Ministry, in conjunction with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, to develop the necessary measures to ensure that we were not ashamed of everything that happened to our people.

I want to say that a whole package of bills on this topic has been submitted to the State Duma.

Among the authors of the bill are deputies from various factions, colleagues from the Federation Council, including from the Crimea.

What we are talking about is not just empty words, it is also the most pressing problem of demography. Very often the question arises that we are dying out the reserved Russian regions. It is said that more children should be born in families, that it is necessary to help young families. And at the same time the simplest question arises: what about those who come here? What to do with them? Do they have to be shown at the door? Or, on the contrary, here it is, the opportunity for Russia to replenish with new people? And that’s why all the talk about the alleged excess of mouths that do not feed, not only immoral, but in fact fundamentally contrary to the national interests of our country. We should be more.

Firstly, there is a proposal to simplify for citizens of Ukraine the law on staying on the territory of the Russian Federation and obtaining a residence permit, primarily because otherwise it will simply be torn off this country completely from us.

There is an offer to stop the established vicious practice of seizing or invalidating the passports of Russian citizens. You probably know what is at stake. People, citizens of the former USSR who until the mid-1990s returned to their historical homeland in Russia, reasonably considered themselves Russians, fulfilled all the ensuing duties, paid taxes, served on conscription, and in a timely manner exchanged Russian passports. And suddenly they are told: your passport was issued by mistake. This practice is broad. For 9 months of 2016 such unreasonable there were more than 3 thousand. It’s thousands of people. Mockery of people must be stopped. People who have become Russian citizens must remain like that. In fact, it is painful to read when worthy and caring talented people, often artists, specialists in science, in technology, have to walk indefinitely around these circles of bureaucratic delirium, and tolerate indifference, stiffness, and often mockery on the part of officials.

Another proposal is to extend the term of temporary stay in Russia for those who permanently reside in the territories of the long-suffering Lugansk and Donetsk republics.

You know that there is a presidential decree on recognizing in Russia documents and registration marks of vehicles issued to residents of these territories. For the duration of this decree, all of them should receive a temporary stay in our country.

Similarly, this applies to the device for work. It is necessary to release the inhabitants of Donbass from the need to obtain a work permit, a labor patent in Russia. They want to work here and should have such a possibility on legal grounds, rather than face again and again with otfutbolivaniem from all sorts of instances and offices.

This is directly related to the bill that we made with our colleague Zatulin on political asylum in the Russian Federation. It is necessary to protect the constitutional right of people who flee persecution, which gravitate towards Russia, which are known as patriots of our unity, to stay here. This is their absolute right, but now there are norms that were adopted sometime in the 90s.

The fact that political asylum does not apply to persons arriving from countries with a developed and established democratic institution. And secondly, with which the Russian Federation has an agreement on visa-free border crossing. These formulations are now outdated. Not only from the bleeding Donbass, but from different cities, especially from Kiev, come journalists, political scientists, people with their civil position, which otherwise they will simply be packed and closed.

You know what happened to our colleague, my colleague Cyril Vyshinsky, but thousands of people who do not know where to go are in prison in Ukraine for political reasons. Unfortunately, something similar is happening today in the Baltic countries, I will tell about this in more detail.

Alexander Gaponenko, the leader of the Russian community of Latvia, was arrested only for peaceful actions, resistance to violent ethnocide, for total violation of all-European norms and rights, for resisting the closure of Russian schools in Latvia, for all schools, including private ones, and for this his position he is arrested.

Unfortunately, we do not remember Konstantin Nikulin. This is the Riga OMON, who received a life sentence and is now in prison in Vilnius. We, the entire Russian Federation, must do everything possible to get it out of these dungeons. In fact, he turned out to be extreme, he is a simple honest man who should be responsible for the actions of the Soviet leadership and for the collapse of the country, and today, therefore, he is, I repeat, in prison with a lifetime sentence.

I want to touch upon the head of the Communist Party of Transnistria Oleg Horzhan. In general, this region worries us and the fact that it turned out to be Oleg, now, in the dungeons, like his comrades, should also cause, in my opinion, the most serious reaction from all sides, from all those who are worried about our compatriots.

Of course, political asylum is also the story associated with the descendants of the Donbass, with the militias, who are here on the verge of deportation. I had to go to the temporary detention center, where the guys who fought in the Donbass, Nikolai Tregub and Sergei Korzhov were six months old. Nikolai is a native of the Vinnytsia region, where his twin brother was arrested, he was in prison, tortured, and Treguba was waiting for expulsion to Kiev in the same way as Nikolai Korzhov. And these guys, this is an illustration to what I said, to urgently need to adopt these bills. These guys were waiting for deportation to Kiev, they were already taken to the airport. I managed to make every effort, write to the General Prosecutor’s Office, eventually released. Fortunately, they received temporary shelter here. This is our common victory, all those who are worried about the fate of the fatherland and compatriots. But such stories can be repeated if there is no normal legislative base.

And in the Rostov region in a shelter there lives the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Raisa Aleksandrovna Shuvar, who fled from Lugansk. For her 95 years, she had to experience the horrors of war for the second time, and all four years being here, she does not receive a pension, but, of course, it turns out that she is alien to us. I appealed to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Rostov region with an appeal to understand this story.

But it’s not a matter of bureaucratic red tape in relation to a single individual, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, it’s not the individual destinies of the militia-members who may be given a case in relation to the fate of our compatriots.

It is good that now the Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared, in my opinion, quite serious proposals, with which they will come out in the fall as a result of the president’s assignment. But let’s not deal with procrastination, and we will adopt all those bills that are introduced by various deputies.

Thank you for your attention.

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