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At the annual PCBS conference in Hamburg, the issues of migration and integration

At the 36th Baltic Assembly in Tallinn, Jorgen Peterson stressed the importance of close, intensive and effective cooperation between the Baltic Assembly and the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference. He noted that it is necessary to establish a dialogue between parliamentary institutions and governments throughout the Baltic Sea region to form ideas that can change the future. The opportunity for discussion will appear at the 27th annual session of the BSPC in Mariehamn.

This year, at the annual PCBS conference in Hamburg, a discussion took place on issues of migration and integration, which are a serious problem for all countries of the Baltic Sea. An intensive dialogue between the Baltic Sea States is required to solve these problems. To accomplish this task, a new working group was created to analyze and discuss migration and integration. The need to develop democratic participation through transparency and accountability of the government, openness of information and various instruments for citizen participation was also touched upon.

The president of the BSPC calls for the intensification of scientific cooperation in the Baltic Sea region by increasing investment in innovative research to improve competitiveness at the global level.

For the period of the Presidency of the Åland Islands in the BSPM, the priority issues are the formation of a sustainable society based on democratic values, respect for human rights and the provision of equal opportunities for all; search for solutions to migration and integration issues based on mutual information exchange; development of cooperation and integration for the security and prosperity of the Baltic Sea region.

Jorgen Peterson calls for strict adherence to the basic principles and not to forget the real values ​​of life: peace, love and prosperity. Parliamentarians are responsible for the welfare of countries, society and citizens. The BSPC wants to establish a free, peaceful and open space for cooperation. The goal is to inspire citizens to participate in the search for solutions to the issue of well-being. “The Baltic Sea is life, love, hope and home,” – this is the way the president of BSPM Peterson characterizes the region. He hopes that ideas that will make the Baltic Sea safer, healthier, happier and this region will become prosperous as a whole will soon emerge and will be developed.

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