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Vyacheslav Volodin: “Russia continues dialogue with PACE, but no fee will be paid”

The State Duma does not stop the dialogue with the Parliamentary Organization of the Council of Europe (PACE), but does not consider paying a contribution to the budget of the organization correct, as it does not participate in decision-making. This was stated by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

“Since we do not participate in decision-making, we do not have such an opportunity, we consider it right not to pay a fee,” Volodin told reporters.

Recall that back in April 2014, the PACE deprived the Russian delegation of a number of basic rights (first of all, the right to vote), after which the sanctions were extended. The State Duma has repeatedly stated that until Russia is restored to its rights and until the PACE changes its regulations, our country will not return to full-fledged work within its framework. And this means that it is not appropriate to pay the corresponding fee.

“We have never stopped dialogue, we are leading it through different formats, and the presidential committee is only one of these formats,” Volodin stressed.

The Council of Europe will have to cut a number of important programs due to Russia’s failure to pay a contribution for 2018, said the head of the International Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky.

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