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Leonid Slutsky commented on Macron’s words about Russia’s development scenarios

The development options for Russia, voiced by French President Emanuel Macron, are being implemented in one way or another by the Russian Federation, in addition, it’s not worth talking about restoring the country’s status as a superpower, since Russia has always been a key player in the world, the head of the State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky told RIA Novosti .

Earlier in an interview with The Economist magazine, Macron said he saw three scenarios for the development of Russia: the ability to restore the status of a superpower, relying only on its own resources, the transition to the “Eurasian model” and finding a new balanced scheme of relations with Europe.

“There is no prophet in his own country” is a catchword from the Bible. But Macron, with all due respect, can hardly play this role. Nevertheless, one way or another, all three of his scenarios are already being successfully implemented by Russia. I am sure that we will have enough strength and power to cope with all the problems. However, I would not speak here about the “restoration” of the status of a superpower. Our country has always been, is and will be a key global player. We cannot be broken either by sanctions or Russophobia, “said Slutsky.

In addition, he noted that Russia pursued and is pursuing a multi-vector foreign policy and is open for dialogue.

“For us, the Eurasian model of interaction or cooperation with the EU countries is not mutually exclusive.“ Eurasianism ”in its essence corresponds to the concept of“ Greater Europe ”from Lisbon to Vladivostok, the founder of which was the great Charles de Gaulle. And in the capitals of the Old World we should not forget about it “, – added the head of the Duma committee.

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