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Leonid Slutsky expressed “Respect” to the French, who arrived in the Crimea

The head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Leonid Slutsky, thanked for the courage the French delegation, which arrived in Crimea on a visit, and expressed to them “his respect”.

On Wednesday, the French delegation arrived in Crimea, which included honorary members of the French parliament, former and current deputies of the National Assembly, representatives of municipal authorities, including the mayors of Brien-le-Château and Bigoulia. The program includes meetings with the leadership of the State Council of Crimea and members of the youth parliament of the peninsula, visits to the French military cemetery and the cultural center “Alliance Française”.

“This is a landmark visit, already the third one … Let me pay tribute to the courage of our French colleagues, many of whom lost their positions in both houses of the French parliament because of their position on the Crimea, but they all became very authoritative politicians in their country, because told the truth about the events in the Crimea, the truth about how Russia is set to cooperate with Europe. I would like to express my respect to our colleagues, “Slutsky said at a meeting of the French delegation with the leadership of the Crimean parliament.

According to him, the French colleges have done a lot to convey the truth to the inhabitants of European countries.

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