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Leonid Slutsky on the draft US budget for 2021

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Leonid Slutsky:

“The White House has sent to the US Congress a draft budget for fiscal year 2021, which starts on October 1 of this year, in the amount of $ 4.8 trillion. The first thing that attracts attention is the next increase in military spending to $ 740.5 billion and a reduction in social spending. At the same time, the main threats to the United States are not international terrorism, but Russia and China.

At least $ 760 million is envisaged to counter “Russian influence”. Some of these funds should be used to support the efforts of partner states to stop using Russian military equipment, and it is proposed to spend separately $ 24 million on combating “Russian propaganda and misinformation.”

At the same time, an article on financial assistance to Ukraine is retained. Through the Department of State, $ 317 million is allocated to Kiev, of which $ 145 million is supposed to be spent on economic support and development of the country, $ 115 million – on the military component. Obviously, against the backdrop of “titanic efforts” to neutralize the mythical “threat” from Russia, maintaining the conflict in the Donbass continues to meet Washington’s geopolitical interests.

Of course, the draft budget is just a declaration of intent for the Trump administration. After all, the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives of the Congress and have already declared their opposition to Trump’s budget plan, criticizing it primarily for cutting social programs.

As for the anti-Russian items of expenditure, they do not cause protests from the opponents of the president. But, as practice has shown, no programs aimed at containing Russia, undermining its authority in the world, any sanctions do not work, but lead to the opposite intended results. Indeed, according to the recognition of many authoritative Western media, Russia has become a leading player in world politics, without whose participation it is impossible to solve the most acute international problems. It would not have happened that the money of American taxpayers will be put to the wind! ”

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