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Leonid Slutsky on the resumption of anti-Iran sanctions

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs:

“The resumption of anti-Iranian sanctions by the United States is nothing more than a manifestation of the policy of gross blackmail and pressure. The current US administration acts absolutely cynically in the name of securing its own interests, breaking all previous international agreements, to achieve which enormous efforts have been spent.

In the case of Iran, the US sanctions will not be able to bring any results on changing the course of the country, on the contrary, they can create an additional threat to the non-proliferation regime. We expect that Tehran, with the full assistance of Russia, the European Union and China, will continue to abide by the UFID (Iranian nuclear deal) as well as before. We also expect that the blocking EU regulations and the structures created on its basis will not allow the US to destroy international trade with Iran, including in the oil sector. Thus, in the end, today’s policy on the “Iranian dossier” can boomerang Washington. “

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