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Leonid Slutsky: “Overseas, the principle was well learned – to seek not the truth, but the effect”

Leonid Slutsky, the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, a deputy from the LDPR faction, commented on the statements made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Russia’s violation of the Treaty on Shorter and Medium-Range Missiles.

According to him, in such accusations, the American authorities are trying, above all, to get the effect of their statements.

“Over the ocean, the main principle of Goebbels propaganda was learned too well: to seek not truth, but effect. And the effect is this: first, the image of “aggressive Russia” gets another bright touch, and secondly, the Americans will come out of the INF Treaty, accusing us of not fulfilling the conditions of the ultimatum ”, wrote the deputy in his telegram channel.

Leonid Slutsky also stressed that Russia was repeatedly accused of violating the treaty, “although our“ strategic friends ”would have to look into the mirror: it was the United States that had been engaged in testing missile targets for the missile defense system for the last few years, which, according to experts, really are medium-range missiles.”

In conclusion, the deputy called Washington for common sense, and also noted that he considers Moscow’s position “absolutely correct.”

Recall, on Tuesday, December 4, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, following the meeting of the foreign ministers of NATO member countries in Brussels, said that Washington would stop fulfilling its obligations under the INF Treaty, if Russia does not return to the execution of the treaty within 60 days.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters that the American side did not provide any evidence of Russia’s alleged violation of the Treaty on Medium and Short Range.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the US statement, noting that “this text again replicated the allegations of baseless, unsupported information about alleged (taking place – Ed.) Violations by the Russian side of this agreement.”

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