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Leonid Slutsky: “Russia manages to achieve its foreign policy goals”

In the face of tough opposition from the West, our country is slowly but surely moving in the direction advantageous to itself, says Leonid Slutsky.

The main difficulty in upholding interests abroad for our country in 2018 was active opposition from the West, which set itself the task of maximally weakening Russia’s potential in economic and political terms. Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, told the Parliamentary Newspaper what had been and had yet to work on.

Moscow does not intend to succumb to the provocations of Kiev

Ukraine has become one of the most acute “pre-Christmas” themes in the Russian and Western media spaces. After the provocation organized by Kiev in the Kerch Strait, President Petro Poroshenko introduced martial law in 10 regions of the country. Information about the concentration on the borders of Donbass of large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stirred up public opinion both in the DNR and the LC, and in Russia. However, no one should be worried, Leonid Slutsky believes.

Such “pre-New Year” fuss is organized with the sole purpose of preventing the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine. But to solve this problem, he said, Poroshenko will not be easy. First of all, because Moscow is not going to give in to its provocations. All this is just a horror story, designed for a specific audience, I’m sure the deputy.
Given the “quality” of the current Ukrainian authorities, it is in principle not a serious threat or confrontation with Ukraine. Russia’s military capabilities are several times higher than the Ukrainian ones. Therefore, any actions of Kiev in this direction will turn against him.

The deputy stressed that Ukraine by the efforts of the West made an irritant to Russia and is used to marginalize the Russian Federation in the eyes of the world community. Numerous anti-Russian resolutions in various international organizations are supported by only half of the countries of the modern world. “With regard to the remote continents of Eurasia or Asia in particular, in the same Vietnam where we recently traveled with the parliamentary delegation, the current attacks on our country are perceived objectively and even without our additional explanations,” said Slutsky.

According to him, they are well aware that the situation in Ukraine is artificial. At the same time, they confidently point out that in the European media it is extremely rare to mention the “well-being” of 46 million ordinary residents of the republic, whose life has deteriorated several times under Poroshenko.

The planned US withdrawal from the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (PRSMD) in practical military defensive terms will not affect Russia’s defense against potential American missiles that will appear in Europe, the guest of the Parliamentary newspaper is sure. In order to make a timely decision on repelling a surprise attack, our country has all the possibilities and mechanisms, so the Russians in this regard can sleep well.

“In relations with the United States, we are at the lowest point of the trajectory of our relations in their entire history. However, the two largest nuclear powers simply do not have the right to be in such bad relations with each other, ”says Leonid Slutsky.

Legislators, for their part, are trying not to stop inter-parliamentary interaction. And although the sentiments of US congressmen and senators are still dominated by predominantly anti-Russian sentiments, “we still need to talk,” the head of the committee stressed. The conservative “one-story” America in the US presidential election supported Donald Trump, among other reasons, because he spoke in favor of stopping the construction of a unipolar world and focusing the American authorities on the interests of ordinary Americans who were hostages of the democrats’ globalist policies.

Why do we need PACE?

Defamation of Russia from the tribunes of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for Russian money and, moreover, deprivation of the right to vote for this organization is not permissible, Slutsky believes. Nevertheless, according to him, “PACE is not a very clear, but often very effective platform for promoting our foreign policy interests.” And, as the deputy noted, the number of supporters of the return of Russia to this organization in the PACE itself is gradually increasing.

PACE is not a very understandable, but often a very effective platform for promoting our foreign policy interests.

At the moment, the balance of power is about 50 to 50. Perhaps in April 2019, when considering the relevant documents in the committee on the rules of this organization, something will change. However, according to the personal conviction of the deputy, Russia must continue to work there in order not to pour water on the “mill” of George Soros, who only dream that we come out of all possible international organizations and become real outcasts.

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