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Leonid Slutsky: “The UN platform is not a circus arena or a zoo”

The attempts of the Ukrainian delegation to prevent the speech of the State Duma deputy from the Republic of Crimea Ruslan Balbek at the 12th session of the UN Forum on Minorities in Geneva are unacceptable, they should be evaluated by the Geneva branch of the world organization. This opinion was expressed to journalists on Friday by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

“The behavior of the Ukrainian delegation at a conference in Geneva is unacceptable for a serious member of the international community. The UN venue is not a circus arena or a zoo,” the head of the committee emphasized.

“The Ukrainian delegates are obliged to conduct a dialogue in a civilized manner, without prejudice to the rights of other parties to the discussion. I’m sure that such unworthy tricks should be appraised by the UN Geneva office,” Slutsky summed up.

“The hooligan tricks of Ukrainians during public speeches of representatives of Russia became another manifestation of Little Russian carnival culture,” said State Duma Deputy Speaker Petr Tolstoy, who is quoted on the website of the lower house. “But what Ukrainian artists do not understand is that Europe has long been tired of this small-town circus, and all attempts to hooliganize will not prevent Russia from defending its point of view. Well, Crimea is forever ours,” he stressed.

According to TASS on Friday at the Russian Permanent Mission in Geneva, the Ukrainian delegation tried to interfere with Balbek’s speech, Kiev’s representatives took several times today “a word of order, but the forum’s chair and the secretariat considered their arguments not convincing enough, since they were objectively wrong” . According to Balbek himself, the chairperson “repeatedly tried to persuade the Ukrainian delegation, which, using the right to take the floor on a point of order, arranged for obstruction, asked the same questions, which received the same answers.”

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