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Leonid Slutsky: “The virtual EU summit only deepened the internal contradictions of Europeans over the fight against the pandemic and vaccination”

The EU virtual summit has only deepened the internal divisions of Europeans over the fight against the pandemic and vaccinations. The leaders did not agree to anything and referred further discussions to the ambassadors’ level. At the same time, French President Emmanuel Macron predicted a “world war of a new type” allegedly because of the actions of Russia and China to counter the coronavirus, and EU Commissioner Thierry Breton announced that there would be no centralized purchases of the Russian Sputnik V by the European Union.

According to Macron, the European Union needs to acquire sovereignty in the production of anticancer drugs in order, they say, to resist “Russia and China, trying to gain influence through the supply of vaccines.” Attention, the same Macron on February 3: “Several weeks ago I made a decision to send a scientific delegation to Russia for consultations. These consultations were positive. Today we saw publications that demonstrate the high effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine. This is not a political issue, this is a scientific issue. ” The same picture is with Thierry Breton, who refused to issue permission for the use of the Sputnik V vaccine, although on March 17 he said that there are many good vaccines in the world and Sputnik V is one of the candidates for use in the European Union.

Such a position is unlikely to stop the supply of Russian vaccines to various countries, but it very well demonstrates that the European Union, which is so fond of speculating about moral values ​​and teaching the lives of others, in fact, does not care about the health and lives of its own citizens. A more accurate assessment of these metamorphoses was given by the authoritative French Le Figaro. The refusal to recognize the Europeans’ right to use foreign vaccines suggests that the European Union “has put ideological principles above pragmatism and public health,” the newspaper wrote.

For Russia, the new statements of the EU representatives are, of course, “like a shot to an elephant.” Firstly, there are a lot of people who want to buy our vaccine. A study by the British YouGov showed that Sputnik V is the most recognizable brand in the world in the fight against the pandemic. The problem is not finding new buyers, but rather meeting all bids. Secondly, some, and not the smallest, EU countries have already expressed their readiness to purchase the Russian vaccine without the approval of Brussels. For example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that if the EU does not centrally purchase the Russian vaccine after its approval by the regulator, then Germany can do it on its own. A similar point of view is shared by the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, according to whom “vaccination is now a geopolitical conflict.” Italy also spoke about the desire to acquire Sputnik V. Moreover, even certain regions of these countries are making requests for supplies. Vaccine consignments have already been purchased by Hungary and Slovakia. Finally, it is planned to establish its production in many countries, including Italy and Germany.

The promotion of an effective Russian drug that can save many human lives cannot be blocked by any EU decisions. You see that sane politicians who are not blinded by Russophobia and who really care about their citizens find opportunities to both produce and buy it in spite of the “consolidated” position of Brussels. It is symptomatic, however, that Macron expressed a new position on Sputnik V after US President Joseph Biden took part in the EU summit, discussing with European allies how to jointly confront Russia and “defend democracy”.

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